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Led by a thirst for adventure and a hungry
stomach, I’m always on the move – whether at home or abroad.

Courtesy of a somewhat unconventional childhood experience (kicking cancer’s butt!) and an army of inspirational people in my life, I’m driven to get the most out of each day – no matter where in the world I might be.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where I spent my early twenties studying Communications and cutting my teeth in consumer tech PR and lifestyle marketing.

Matters of the heart took me on a sea change to Newcastle, NSW.  For two glorious years I lived beachside, taking advantage of this beautiful city as it blossomed into a cultural mecca for great food, amazing coffee, local wine and a fantastic live music and arts scene.

My ambition for adventure has so far taken me to the UK, Europe, the Pacific Islands, SE Asia, India, and North America – as well as endless shenanigans across my own beautiful country.

2015 was a year of big change and a BIG move, geographically speaking.  I recently ditched sunny Newcastle for a slightly more drizzly expat life in Washington State.  For the next few years I’ll be living, working and playing Stateside, getting to know my new corner of the world and exploring beyond its borders whenever possible.

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Live Recklessly is a space where I write and share stories about travel, culture and life abroad as I go in search of unique travel experiences, weird and tasty food, ancient sites, beautiful landscapes, the best coffee in town, crazy culture-shock and other silliness as I explore the cities that filled my dreams when I was growing up.

Come and join me as I share some (hopefully) interesting, poignant or funny stories along the way.  If you’re not laughing with me, you’ll definitely be laughing at me.

Full disclosure: I don’t really do anything too wacky or daredevilish or reckless. My adventures tend to stray toward the mild side, with the exception of occasionally throwing myself off perfectly nice looking cliffs. I was just gifted with an unusual surname that can sometimes be a blessing or a curse (Thanks Family!).

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