Expat Escapades: February 2016

Expat Escapades February 2016 - Skiing Whistler BC - LiveRecklessly.com

From Whistler to Mt Baker to Anacortes to Mt Baker, to the San Juan Islands to Mt Baker.

February kept me planted firmly in the Pacific Northwest.  The theme for the month was certainly snow – and spending as much time in it as possible before spring comes to life.

As winter draws to a close, I’m being greeted with some beautifully spring-like, sunny 50°F degree days. I have to laugh at my change in perception, as back in Australia, these temps (approx. 10°C) would not feel anything remotely like spring. In fact, that would be a ‘stay inside all day with a good book and endless pots of tea’ weather. The fact I’m bike riding around town in a t-shirt and light jacket is nuts, but I’m grateful that I have seemingly adjusted to the North American climate.

About Town – Anacortes

The highlight of home life in February was playing host for a week while a Virginia-based Aussie friend visited. It was fun to revisit some of my favourite places, and show off the best of the Anacortes and greater Fidalgo and Whidbey Island areas.

Together, we hit up Anacortes’ First Friday Art Walk, hiked through Deception Pass State Park, explored some small island towns, and adventured with a mimosa-filled morning sailing the waters around Whidbey Island on a friend’s boat (and now officially the only way I will begin Superbowl celebrations).

Expat Escapades February 2016 - Deception Pass Bridge from Fidalgo Island - LiveRecklessly

Expat Escapades February 2016 Anacortes Cap Sante Lookout - LiveRecklessly

Expat Escapades February 2016 Whidbey Island by boat - LiveRecklessly

As the weather warms up, it’s also time for more sunset picnics in Washington Park.

Expat Escapades February 2016 A February sunset at Washington Park Anacortes - LiveRecklessly.com

Proper coverage of Anacortes is coming soon to the blog. And as food is one of my favourite topics, it’ll be accompanied by an Anacortes Dining Guide – a great resource for anyone planning a holiday weekend or summer getaway to the area!

Skiing Mt Baker

I was thrilled to fit in five ski days at Mt Baker this month. One day was even during the Legendary Banked Slalom, which was awesome to see so many pros on the mountain.  It was also a nice little reality check that my ski skills sit firmly in the ‘elementary’ category. No terrain parks for this chick yet! My best work is devouring a chilli bowl at lunch and working my way through every flavour cookie at Wake n Bakery on the drive home.

Despite the falls and occasional freak-outs on tougher runs, I’m definitely enjoying each day I get to spend at the snow. It certainly won’t be as accessible once I move back to Australia.

Read all about why I love Mt Baker Ski Resort… coming soon! 

Expat Escapades February 2016 - Mt Baker Ski Resort - LiveRecklessly

Expat Escapades February 2016 Enjoying Mt Baker Ski Resort - LiveRecklessly

Winter Days in Whistler, B.C.

President’s Day Weekend was the perfect opportunity to grab our passports and cross into the land of loonies and maple syrup. Tom and I spent our days skiing Whistler and Blackcomb, and our nights catching up and dining out with friends who live in Whistler Village.

This was our second trip to Whistler (our first in winter).  It was great to discover more of the town’s food and bar scene, and get a welcome hit of Australiana thanks to some yummy lamingtons at Peaked Pies!

Coming soon: more about my winter Whistler adventure!

Expat Escapades February 2016 - Skiing Whistler BC - LiveRecklessly.com

San Juan Island Getaway

A last minute but long-awaited visit to the San Juan Island made for a perfect winter weekend away. Graced with a sun-soaked day, Tom and I drove around the island without much plan, but stumbled across some beautiful coastal nature parks, farm houses and harborfront towns – along with unexpected bonuses of a ciderworks, distillery and vineyard.

I’ll definitely be returning to this island for both outdoor adventures and Friday Harbor’s food and art scene, which we only got a small taste of.

Read about our weekend on San Juan Island 

Expat Escapades February 2016 San Juan Island - LiveRecklessly.com

Daffodils in La Conner

Those aforementioned sunny days that made me feel like spring had sprung also managed to gets its message to the local fauna. The daffodils around La Conner woke a little earlier than usual this year, and were in full bloom by late February!

While I’ll be quick to admit that I don’t have a green thumb (all the dying succulents in my house are a testament to that fact), viewing acres of bright daffodils in the countryside was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

See photos from the La Conner Daffodil Festival

Expat Escapades February 2016 La Conner Daffodil Festival - LiveRecklessly.com

Coming up in March: more time in Seattle after a month without a city trip, seafood indulgence at Coupeville’s MusselFest, a plan to try snowshoeing in the Olympics, and (fingers crossed) an adventure further afield with a dear friend.

Expat Escapades is a new series here at Live Recklessly. Each month I’ll recap my latest adventures in the USA, new Seattle favourites in food/drink/culture/activities, and uncover more of Anacortes and the Pacific Northwest region.

If you have any suggestions of where I should visit, let me know in the comments below!

Expat Escapades February

Expat Escapades February

Expat Escapades February 2016

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