Falling for fall in the Pacific Northwest

Falling for fall in the Pacific Northwest - LiveRecklessly

Though my Aussie blood has me naturally wishing for long, hot and sunny days spent beach-side (particularly in November), it really has been magnificent to witness the change of season here in Washington.

As the days grow ever so slightly shorter and cooler, and the tree leaves begin to turn those dramatic autumn hues, there’s a magical crisp feeling in the air.

There’s no denying it, I am a total sucker for fall.

But you know who else is? America!

Seriously, the way this country celebrates a change in season amazes me. I am certainly among my people here.

Fall means perfect hiking weather, perfect day-long adventures weather, and perfect sit-by-a-sunny-window with a cup of tea and book weather.

Police Station Concrete WA
America’s cutest police and fire department, in Concrete WA.

Over the past month or so I’ve been enjoying the best of fall in the Pacific Northwest. On the home front, I’ve celebrated harvest festivals and attended my first ever but definitely-to-be-repeated Pumpkin Pitch (a trebuchet pumpkin throwing competition where participants compete for both distance/range and accuracy).

I’ve picked pumpkins and apples from local farms, sipped pumpkin ale and pumpkin chai lattes (the latter being a touch overrated in my humble opinion), got into the spirit of Halloween and treated myself to sunset picnics in the park.

Anacortes Farmers Market
Around my local farmer’s market in Anacortes.
Apple Picking Gordon Skagit Farm
Freshly picked apples
Gordon Skagit Farm
One of my favourite fall displays at Gordon Skagit Farm
Gordon Skagit Farm
Pumpkin picking at Gordon Skagit Farm
Brunch and bread in Edison WA
Brunch and Bread Farm visits in Edison, WA

The weather has been great for hiking, and together with new friends we have spent weekends camping in the North Cascade National Park, along with getaways to Portland, Vancouver and Seattle.

Hiking Mt Baker
Hiking around Mt Baker on a cloudy day
Vancouver Queen Vic Park
Queen Victoria Park, Vancouver BC.
Leaves in Vancouver
Queen Victoria Park, Vancouver BC.
Camping Cascades National Park
Our campsite at North Cascade NP

I adore fall.

But I’m already looking forward to winter and all it brings. My first Thanksgiving with my new American-Aussie family, weekend ski adventures at Mt Baker, Stevens Pass and Whistler, finding the perfect tree (a real one!), Christmas markets and sparkly lights in Leavenworth.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


What do you love about fall in the Pacific Northwest?  Where are your favourite places to visit?

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