First post banter: an attempt at intelligence

Hiking the Oyster Dome, one of Washington's most scenic hikes -

To say that this website has been a long time coming is an understatement.

Live Recklessly has been brewing in my mind, in the pages of my journals, and as hordes of draft stories on my laptop for most of my adult life.

I’ve always been fascinated with words. Big or small, they are immensely powerful. They have the ability to inspire, to teach, to tell stories, to spread joy, and when used for the worse, to hurt.

The words part tends to come more naturally to me. A love of language, literature and a vivid imagination built the true nerd within me – which was harnessed when I began a career in communications and realised there were avenues to create a life around writing.

Since my first overseas jaunt in 2008, an amazingly fun and eye-opening girls trip to Samoa to celebrate the end of the university year, I’ve been writing madly about my travels, life’s adventures and misadventures – but just for myself. Since this time, I began reading travel blogs, obsessively pulling the travel supplements of weekend newspapers, and digesting every article and destination guide I came across, even without any immediate travel plans.

And somehow, it’s now nearing the end of 2015? My travels and writing continued, without an audience or community to share it with.

The technical side of starting this blog that has been the hurdle. My impatience for learning my way around web design has had to unfairly compete with my desire to just sit down and write. Already you can probably guess which one tends to win out. But no more!

2015 has in some ways been a trying one. I lost a very dear friend and mentor who inspired the writer and creator within me, and began questioning my life path and priorities. However in so many other ways this year has been pretty bloody fantastic – I got to continue my travels, became engaged to my long-time love, and together we decided to pack up our life in Newcastle, NSW, and move to the USA.

Now, with new American postcode and a very patient, supportive and loving tech-savvy man on my team, I’ve finally pushed the go button on this long-time passion project. I’ll learn as I go, and brush the dirt off my knees when I fall. As a certain someone keeps reminding me, we all have to start somewhere.

I hope you’ll join me as I embark on the challenge!

Here’s to new adventures.

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