A postcard from Tulip Town, Skagit Valley

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Spring time means so many wonderful things: sunshine, longer days and a return to alfresco drinking opportunities.

But here in Skagit Valley Washington it means tulips. 

Last year I confessed to being a total flower geek, which was a new revelation upon seeing these beautiful fields of flowers for the first time. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a big deal, and I became one of the hoards of people descending on this rural area to enjoy it.

This year I visited Tulip Town Skagit Valley – one of the two most popular display tulip fields in the area.

Tulip Town seemed like a smaller operation than the nearby Roozengaarde Garden, but the fields of tulips against the backdrop of those quintessential  American burnt red barns offered beautiful photo opportunities. No wonder a local photographer friend recommended it to me!

There’s also a flower display garden, featuring a windmill and Statue of Liberty.

Tom and I spent a cloudy Sunday morning wandering through the fields, but I actually loved the contrast of the grey skies against the colourful blooms.  We arrived shortly after opening at 9am, and even at this early hour it was already packed with visitors.  AKA if you want really great photos sans people, be sure to arrive before opening to be the first one in the gate. Or try a weekday.

Crowds aside, the Tulip Festival is a highlight on Skagit Valley’s calendar. I definitely recommend a visit next year, especially for fans of floral.

Washington is always finding ways to surprise me, but a trip to ‘Holland’ just a 20 minute drive from home is one of the best.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from Tulip Town Skagit Valley.

Stormy skies over Tulip Town skagit valley

Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Dani at Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Tractor at Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Rows of colours in Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Tulip Town Skagit Valley flower display

Tulip Town Skagit Valley fields and barns

Windmill at Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Kites over tulip town skagit valley

Red and yellow tulips Tulip Town Skagit Valley

Statue of Liberty at Tulip Town Skagit Valley

What is your favourite photo from Tulip Town Skagit Valley?

Note: There is a fee to enter both Tulip Town and Roozengaarde display gardens, but to get a close up look at the tulips this is pretty unavoidable. There are several other tulip fields around Skagit Valley, however due to a plethora of ‘no parking’ and ‘no trespassing’ signs I’m yet to discover a way to properly access these without cost. 

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Did you know that Washington State is home to spectacular tulip fields? Tulip Town Skagit Valley is a beautiful place to enjoy these flowers as they bloom each spring. A taste of Holland right here in the USA. Read more and see the pics at Live Recklessly! A cloudy and colourful morning exploring the tulip fields at Tulip Town Skagit Valley, Washington USA. Each April this area in rural Washington comes alive with flowers! Read more on Live Recklessly




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