Precious midweek moments at Washington Park

Sunset in Washington Park Anacortes: my favourite place for a twilight picnic -

Lately, Tom and I have been adventuring away each weekend. Between camping trips and city escapes to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver we have barely spent much quality time in our new hometown outside of the working week.

Keen to make the most of a clear and sunny Thursday evening, we drove the short distance to Washington Park to grill burgers, drink cider and watch the sun set over the ocean.

The view out across Rosario Strait and neighboring islands was nothing short of spectacular.  We had front row seats as the sky changed from azure blue to pink to deep orange before disappearing quickly below the horizon. While no whales were sighted, neither of us left disappointed after spotting seals frolicking off shore and saving our delicious dinner from some very hungry seagulls.

Picnic in Washington Park

Couple in Washington Park Anacortes

This beautiful low key evening left me thankful for the adventure that continues to be my life here in the USA. While we both work and have busy schedules, it’s so nice to have these stolen moments to appreciate each other and the world around us.

Rather than wishing the week away and counting down to Friday, I love to make an effort to spread the good times out each day. It gives me something to look forward to, whether it’s a fun gym class, dinner out with friends, an evening bike ride or a good movie and a fancy home cooked meal on the couch.

I must say this impromptu picnic was one of the best midweek adventures yet!

Sunset at Washington Park -dog

Trees Washington Park Anacortes

Sunset over Rosario Strait from Anacortes

Most beautiful sunset from Washington Park

Sunset and seagulls in Washington Park

Washington Park is certainly one of my favourite twilight picnic locations! What are your favourite ways to make the most of your midweek?

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