Baby it’s cold outside: snow in Anacortes

Snow in Anacortes Washington Whistle Lake - Live Recklessly

There’s something magical about waking up to snow falling outside my window.

It’s a highly anticipated event that happens rarely in my life – being from Australia and all – but the usually mild-weathered Anacortes has really let it snow this past week. I’ve been loving every moment!

While of course there are downsides to snow (driving in particular!), it’s still such a novelty to me. It will be hard to ever remove the rose-tinted glasses that I adorn each time the air becomes crisp and the snowflakes fall.

Anacortes Volunteer Park. Snow in Anacortes -

To some, a snow day is the perfect opportunity to stay indoors. To me, it’s the time to rug up and head outside. Wander the streets, walk through the woods, sip tea in our backyard, and take a million photos of this winter wonderland.

It’s fascinating to see the town in a canvas of white. Even just a light dusting totally transforms the landscape. With most cars and pedestrians off the road, it also becomes tremendously silent and peaceful.

Each time I see snow in Washington, I remind myself to appreciate every moment I have living abroad. Someday soon I will be back to sweating my butt off in Australia, and desperately longing for the cold!

Here’s a few snaps I captured of snow in Anacortes.

Till we meet again, snow.

Anacortes houses in the snow. Snow in Anacortes -

Feet in the snow. Snow in Anacortes -

Volunteer Park in the snow. Snow in Anacortes -

Snow in Anacortes -

Enjoying coffee in the snow - Snow in Anacortes -

Whistle Lake Anacortes Snow in Anacortes -

Snow collage Snow in Anacortes -

Plant close ups Snow in Anacortes -

Whistle Lake trails Snow in Anacortes -

Here’s hoping for lots more snow in Anacortes this winter!

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There's no better way to thrill an Aussie abroad than with snow in Anacortes. Washington's cutest small town looks spectacular as a winter wonderland!

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