Walking on sunshine: a spring hike in Deception Pass State Park

Views across the Strait Fidalgo Island

What does one do on the first real sunny day of the year? The first opportunity to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on bare skin?

If you’re anything like me, there’s only one real way to enjoy it: take a hike!

Earlier this month saw temperatures hit 20 Celsius in Anacortes for the first time since last summer. That alone doesn’t seem like a major achievement, particularly to my Aussie readers. But let me tell you: this winter was loooong. It was snowing in Anacortes in March. Seattle had its wettest winter since 1895. And we had only a handful of sunny days since October last year.

As much as I loved winter here (because: skiing Mt Baker, weekends at Crystal Mountain and Whistler, and snowshoeing adventures), welcoming back that unfamiliar yellow ball in the sky is pretty sweet.

To celebrate, I hit the hiking trails around Deception Pass State Park – my go to for local hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

The clear, warm day was perfect for a scenic coastal hike. The views stretched for miles, showing off the Olympic mountain range, and the sun beat down on the water, glistening nearly as bright as my sunny disposition!

There were lots of friendly fellow hikers and adorable puppies on the trail too (yet another thing I’ll miss about Washington).

True to form, I couldn’t help but break out the camera along the way, so here are a few photos from my day in Deception Pass State Park.

The fact that I have to return to Australia before ‘real summer’ hits Washington feels like life is giving me a swift donkey kick to the groin. BUT Brisbane in winter is basically Seattle’s summer, but with more blue sky, so it’s all gravy right?

What’s your favourite photo from a spring hike in Deception Pass State Park? Where are your favourite places once spring arrives?

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